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We offer

We know about care, health and welfare.
Here you can get help in bringing your idea a little bit closer to a real solution.
We offer free support with no requirements for commercialisation and enterprise.


Once you have submitted your idea to us via email, phone or a postcard, you will be assigned a case handler, who will get in touch with you within one week of our receiving it.

We may need additional information to be able to process your idea in the correct manner. Your case handler will then arrange a personal meeting with you. During the meeting we will look at your idea together and make a decision on the next steps, based on the prerequisites for your idea, and your personal wishes and needs.

If there’s a concrete proposal for a better solution that can be of benefit to others, there are several ways to go to develop the idea further. We work at a pace that feels right for you, and you can stop collaborating with us whenever you like.

Idea evaluation (Choosing the way)

The ideas council of the Department for Development

Your case handler can propose that your idea is assessed by the ideas council, where employees with different skills come together to make a recommendation on the best way to take the idea forward.

Focus groups

Your case handler can set up a focus group, who will look at your idea from various points of view. Developing an idea of often requires different competencies and perspectives. A focus group may consist of a business advisor, health and medical care personnel, for example, a nurse or counsellor, and patients with a certain diagnosis.

External stakeholders

Region Norrbotten cooperates with regional stakeholders who, in some cases, can provide better assistance in taking your idea forward. This can be:

  • a company or organisation
  • a business advisor, for example, ABI, Arctic Business Incubator
  • an innovation supporter, for example, ALMI or the association of inventors
  • other stakeholder

Your case handler can help you to get in touch with the right person. 


We can also help you to test your finished solution in our organisation.


It is important to remember that the time it takes for the process from idea to finished solution varies.
You will, of course, own the right to your own idea.

 Innovation i Region Norrbotten. Nytt-Nyttigt-NyttiggjortDescription of picture: Innovation within Region Norrbotten means that what is new and useful shall be put to good use. 



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